Building Privacy Awareness

Recently, one of my favourite podcasts created a 5 day challenge looking into the Privacy Paradox – our perception of privacy online. Here’s a link to the launch show. You can find days 1-5 here (you may need to scroll down a bit).

The journey ends with an opportunity to write your own Personal Terms of Service. This is a great activity for anyone who has their own device, and I would argue, for anyone who uses connective technologies. Teachers, students, and parents. For those younger learners, this could be a great family activity.

The power and benefit of reflection isn’t new, but as adults we may not take the time (have the time) to go over the details, or even learn the details, of our technology use. This is an exercise of personal awareness. This is an opportunity to pause, think, and take action. This is a chance to make a change and take control. Note to Self has done an excellent job of revealing some of the questions and hiding in plain sight features of the privacy paradox.

Another podcast that came across my feed, Benjamin Walker’s Theory of Everything: The Rainbows of Inevitability. This show offered more of the same kind of thing, but embedded the ideas in stories of propaganda and business. Also a good listen, but geared toward adults.

Privacy is fluid. Before I click, post, or send, I will think about why I’m using this application and what I’d like my experience to incorporate .

It’s worth it to me to share my information if it means I’ll have an enriched experience or it helps me accomplish a task. But for me, giving out my personal information or tagging my location is too personal.

I need to remember: Making intentional choices about my data makes me feel empowered.

And I’m going to push for education to make privacy better for everyone.

Those are my Terms of Service.




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